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Post-election.  What happens now?

How comfortable are we with the way things have gone?  Personally, I'm all in favour of a move away from the 2-party and 1st-past-the-post politics and hope the "coalition" experience works.  But how long will it be before we see stark self-interest fan the flames of criticism...or, is that already happening?


It seems we love to jeopardise and sabotage efforts to be successful...well done The Mail on Sunday, I just cannot see how your Lord Triesman exposť really does work in the public interest!  All those football fans and potential grounds around the country must really be applauding you.  But, I guess it boosted the circulation numbers and will help some journalists to spin their CV.


With England winning the World Twenty20 title we did at least have something to celebrate over the weekend.  Congratulations to all those that helped achieve that.  A great example of teamwork combined with individual performances; what a way for England to boost it's confidence for the forthcoming test series and run in to the Ashes.  Lets hope we see a similar result from the "coalition" government.


This government needs to create and sustain an environment in which we feel confident and willing to look positively at the future.  Let's not rush to question, doubt and challenge everything just because its easier to be critical than recommend a course of action.  Maybe its time for us to stop waiting to see what will happen, or to play follow my leader; its time now to start thinking about how we are going to respond ourselves to make things better.


So, good luck with your thought process...and if you need some external stimulus why not invite some others to join you; you're not on your own.



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