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Welcome to Hollydell Consulting   

Hollydell Consulting was established in November 2005 by Tony Claytor.  It is a management consultancy that helps individuals and teams achieve their objectives.

Youíre successful, butÖ.sometimes youíre so close to things that itís difficult to think clearly and see your way forward.  Getting an external perspective will help you and your team see more options and enhance your decision-making.

I understand how difficult it can be; Iíve been there and was very fortunate to have had mentors and advisers to help me discover how I could reach my objectives.  You could benefit from my experiences, and gain an advantage by learning from not only my successes but also my mistakes.

In addition, I am also a non executive director of 2 call centre businesses, 2 consumer lending companies and the Consumer Credit Trade Association.

Why not use my expertise and experience to help you maximise your opportunities within this ever challenging and changing world.




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